Weekly Photo Challenge – „Spare“

The topic of this week´s Daily Post Photo Challenge is „Spare“.

The word „Spare“ has so many connotations… One synonym of „spare is „frugal“, which can be understood as the opposite of „luxurious“. On my last trips to Japan I spent much time im Tokyo, doing a lot of interviews for my job as a freelance journalist. Tokyo is a very expensive city and I did not have much money to spend. So I stayed in rooms as tiny as this one:



The bulky stuff in the back is my futon. When it was rolled out the room was full! At the right, next to the door, was a shelf where I could place my luggage. The green slippers mark the entrance, because in Japan you are supposed to take off your shoes, when you enter a room.

Actually it is not a big deal in Japan to stay in a very small hotel room. Rents are high,  especially in Tokyo, and locals are used to not having much space at home, so a tiny room in a low budget hotel, with shared bathroom on the floor, is quite normal.  I stayed in this hotel for two weeks. And in the end I really loved my spare, frugal room! Lying there on my futon at night, reading or working at my computer was so cozy. Actually when I came home to my nice, big flat in Germany, I felt kind of lost…


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